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Outdoor in indoor navigation
Naviguide is the mobile application for outdoor and indoor navigation with real-time positioning system of stadium. The solutions will help the user to enable indoor spatial data management, digitizing venues, and building best-in-class indoor mapping experiences for all visitors.
Project length
6 months
Sports and Entertainment
Project Goal
Enhance the overall fan experience by providing easy-to-use  way-finding capabilities
Product design, Brand strategy
Naviguide project wireframes
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Enhance the fan experience overall by implementing convenient and precise navigation tools within the stadium
Naviguide project wireframes
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Our approach

Combining Strategy and Research

In our effort to inform our design choices, we carried out a competitive analysis, gathered insights from user interviews, extensively studied client documentation, and held a two-week workshop that involved creating a journey map, defining user personas, and prioritizing tasks.
Competitive Analysis
Information architecture
Discovery Workshop
Requirements Definition
User Flows
User Personas
Competitive Analysis
Discovery Workshop
Requirements Definition
Information architecture
User personas
User Flows
Showcasing stages of design
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User-Centric Solutions

We evaluated current products and envisioned the ideal future state to create user-centered solutions that improved various initiatives. This led to a user-centric culture at Naviguide, where user and product are prioritized. Building, measuring, and learning from users were essential to achieve success and bring the vision for their new platform to life.
UI design and prototyping
User validation
Clickable Prototyping
Visual design
Design System
Naviguide wireframes
Naviguide information architecture

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